Congratulations Amanda Alcantara of the Hampton Inn at the Mall, Idaho Falls!  You are our September 2019 – InnTrusted Employee of the Month!

When you see how my housekeeping department operates, most if not all GM’s would be completely envious. I have a smooth operating team with outstanding cleanliness scores. Even when my hotel was under renovation, we were recognized by Hilton for still have very admirable scores for cleanliness.

Something I can always count on, Amanda has a very high expectation and has immense pride and concern for how her team is performing. She treats her crew like family, but still holds them accountable. I love watching the dynamic and relationships she has with the girls. She is a no nonsense, straight-talking woman, but she is also super caring compassionate and loving. I am truly blessed to have such an exceptional team, and I full-heartedly believe it is due to having such a strong, great leader who guides the whole department.

This summer we had a lot of challenges when it came to hiring and finding good help in our housekeeping department, and I know Amanda was discouraged with the quality and dedication some of the new hires had, she would come in to my office with ideas and new ways to try to spark interest and keep the team going, but when it was time to let people go, or when they flaked out and no showed – I know Amanda took those actions personally. She felt like her department was lacking, failing or not holding up to the standards. Amanda doesn’t just let that happen. She made the necessary changes, and did it so gracefully and professional that it never caused chaos to the remaining team. Amanda has expressed her goals and has a very great crew who follows her lead!

Hampton Idaho Falls at the Mall loves Amanda Alcantara, and would love to see her be recognized as the employee of the month! – Chelsey Kennelly, General Manager – Hampton Inn at the Mall, Idaho Falls